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Horse Ranch

Catie Cahill

Author of Small Town & Family Saga Romance

Wooden Hut

Come home to Bent Creek . . .

A small town in Montana where everyone knows everyone, and secrets live in the shadows of the mountains. One by one, the Harker brothers return home to reclaim their ranch, face their family's past troubles with the Nobles, and find love.

A Bent Creek Christmas

Gabe Creason never intended to return to Bent Creek, Montana, where his family lost everything.


But when his job forces him there—and worse, pits him against Marybeth Noble, daughter of his family’s worst enemy and the owner of a beloved Christmas shop—he finds something he never knew he wanted.


Can two foes find love and reunite a broken family, or will dangers from the past and the present keep them apart?


Now Available

Nick Harker returns to Bent Creek.

He doesn't plan to stay long. All he wants is make sure Gabe understands two things. First, messing with Marybeth Noble is dangerous. And second, buying the ranch won't fix the past.

But then he runs into Larkin Reyes, the girl he left eleven years ago without a word . . .


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